Student Life

Ideal community springs from good families and friends partaking in good activities together. Mater Christi hopes to inspire ideal community. Student life revolves around the idea that man is made in the image and likeness of God, and that God created the universe in all its goodness for use by the highest of his created order, his beloved mankind. Desirous of forming well-rounded and healthy individuals, Mater Christi engages in the outdoors and gets out into nature as much as possible. Walks around campus, classes out of doors in the fresh air, frequent play time, study of plants, animals, landscapes and weather, stargazing and the study of astronomy keep Mater Christi students and faculty attuned to God’s magnificent creation.

In addition to offering regular classes and engaging in activities that focus on nature study, provide exercise, and expose students to the rich traditions of faith, music, and art, Mater Christi provides opportunities for different service projects and field trips, and instruction in gardening, cooking, sewing and carpentry. Visits to churches for Holy Mass or to a monastery, cemetery or other religious or elevating destination lead the community to prayer, awe, humility and inspiration, exercising the body and mind and providing food for the soul. Moreover, Mater Christi envisions engaging the community and actively supporting a thriving, historic culture through visits to nursing homes, local museums, the Newnan Court House, historic cemetery, and other historic sites, participating in the Newnan Christmas Parade, Christmas caroling around the square, donating garden produce and inviting the community for enrichment on campus.


Students at Mater Christi Classical Academy employ much of their energies in the classroom but also enjoy much time out of doors during and after regular school hours, and learn not only the virtues of work but of play: they garden, learn to build things by hand, how to play chess, and how to handle the instruments of archery. Poetry, art, prayer, and song are woven into the daily schedule. Field trips and off-campus excursions ideally conform to our mission and help our community not merely to increase in knowledge but to develop an authentic Catholic culture with a classically educated mindset – and so we make mini-pilgrimages to churches for Holy Mass or to cemeteries to pray for the dead or to monasteries to pray with the monks. We take nature walks and explore God’s bounty and engage in the real world, hopefully to enjoy on a deep and immediate level the things to which our art, reflections and symbols of nature, point. Hereby are we inspired to contemplate our supernatural foundations and God’s will and design in the created universe.  Fridays are especially devoted to the arts, drama, and off-campus adventures.