About Mater Christi

Mater Christi Classical Academy began five years ago as a group of nine Catholic homeschooling families with 23 children collectively who were drawn together by the desire to educate our children through a classical approach. Today, Mater Christi is a hybrid homeschooling initiative to assist parents in their sacred duty and privilege to educate their children in the Truths of our Catholic faith, offering a classical education that sews faith as the golden thread through all subjects and disciplines taught.


Mater Christi Classical Academy aims to foster in its students a sense of wonder, and a love of beauty, nature, and music, through an education in the Catholic faith and the liberal arts. Mater Christi aims to form the whole human person, helping students to develop virtues – good habits – as citizens of heaven and earth. The students’ physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs will be met through the integrated methodology of classical education in the Catholic tradition though the study of subjects like Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, Poetry, Language Arts, History, Religion, Latin, Logic, Grammar, Literature, Music, Art, and Drama. Physical education will take place in recess and frequent outings, such as nature walks and hikes.


A hybrid homeschooling  academy that uses Classical methods in the Catholic tradition is a learning initiative worthy of your support! Please prayerfully consider making a contribution that will directly help a family in need of financial aid to meet tuition costs or help Mater Christi Classical Academy meet its operational costs so that it can continue to steward and serve the souls in its care.

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